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December 6, 2009

Doing what is right… are we?

by Chris Lindholm

Jim Collins tells us that "Great" organizations build a culture of innovation and rigorous debate guided by core values that never change.  Our opening school workshops this year included presenting"SJH Core Values" (Download GTG Diagram) that are to serve as those never changing back bone strands which guide how we do business – and we then jumped into a debate about cell phone and i-pod use in study halls.  Ultimately our fear of the unknown, and a lack of necessary framework, held us back from promoting the use of technology to further education. 

A recent post by Scott McLeod called "4 tales out of school" raises some of these questions by making us see them from a different angle.  Take a look.  Do any of these tales ring close to home?  Do we at SJH have practices in place that do not line up with the core values we have stated?  How much of what we do falls into "quadrant A" of the Rigor and Relevance framework?  Is it because it's right – or because we've always done it that way?  If our assessments were quadrant B, C, and D assessments, would it matter if students found a copy of it early or took one home? 

May the new year take us closer to living out the values we have articulated!

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