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February 28, 2010

February – Good Riddens!!

by Chris Lindholm

Why is February such a tough month in this profession?  As many of you understand, I know it is February simply by the pace and tone of my voicemail and email traffic.  My weekends are spent catching up on the emails I can't respond to and my weeks are spent grasping for the survival ring as I drown in the "tyranny of the urgent."  I readily admit to my own struggle staying positive during this time of year and am usually ready to throw in the towel on this choice of profession around February 20th… Then I notice – it's 6pm and I can see the sun…  It's 6am and the sunrise is peeking over the horizon…  Standing in a sunbeam actually feels different than the shade…  spring break is only 4 Mondays away…

March in the southern half of Minnesota is a welcomed month.  The light at the end of the "get to spring break" tunnel is starting to tease it's way into visibility.  I saw it today.  The end of that tunnel can't get here soon enough.  When it does, it'll be a mad sprint to the end, but at least the days will be longer and the outside air will be welcomed inside.  So…  Good riddens February.  Bring on the March sunshine, the birds coming back, and the restored mental health of warm air.  Soon we'll be planning the details of final exams, graduation and in the flurry of hiring and scheduling.  Good riddens February…  We won't miss you a bit! 

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