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March 21, 2010

Stopwatch Challenge

by Chris Lindholm

Lots of recent conversation about Dagget's Rigor and Relevance Framework has me thinking about a way to measure the amount of student thinking taking place in our classrooms. 

First:  Select a strong student to ask for some help.  The student needs to be able to participate in class activities while at the same time, monitor what is happening in the classroom at a meta-cognitive level. 

Second:  Teach the student how to identify when the students have been asked to think at a level applicable to quadrant B, C, or D on the Rigor and Relevance Framework

Third:  Give the student a stop watch and have him/her compile the amount of time in your class each week that students are asked to think and perform at that level. 

**Bonus idea – The R & R Geek Squad:  If several teachers are on board for this risky test, train a team of students and make them the "Rigor and Relevance Geek Squad."  A couple of training sessions to make sure inter-rater reliability is ok and you got yourself a decent team to do formative assessments on professional development!

So…  who's up for it?  What percentage of time in your class would be spent in quadrant B, C, or D?  Maybe this is something we do to measure Greatness…?

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