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June 17, 2010


Real-Simple Leadership

by Chris Lindholm

Thanks to the "Commited Sardine" blog, I ran across this Ted Talks video featuring Simon Sinek.  His framework for describing the leadership difference between great organizations or individuals and average organizations or individuals is horrifically simple – yet delightfully insightful.  With the simple drawing of a circle he digs into our lack of really understanding the "why" behind what we do and illustrates how great leaders do just the opposite.  Great leaders do and say what they do because of the why first – all of the rest follows.   

Does the "why" question drive what happens in your school or district?  I'm sure bell schedules are driven entirely by what's best for instruction… right?  The work day is determined by student learning needs, rules about food, drinks, and bathrooms are driven by research on learning and optimal brain functioning, and the teaching is certainly differentiated for individual learner needs.  Afterall, this is education.  Of course we make decisions based upon what is best for student learning – the "why" of our work.  We don't manufacture extension cords; we teach and develop children – the leaders of tomorrow.  If any organization makes decisions based upon the "why" question, it certainly should be us… right?


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  1. Jul 10 2010

    Chris – congratulations on your new position as Asst Superintendent! Good to know a SWEDE is in charge! Interesting to find your blog from the local newspaper ad.
    Kind regards from Leif with EAGAN Daily Photo blog

  2. Jul 10 2010

    Thank you so much Leif – the Burnsville community has been very welcoming to me. I look forward to to the work ahead!
    Take care


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