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January 28, 2011

Education on the move…

by Chris Lindholm

This Ted Talks video caught my attention today as I was preparing for a presentation to our local Rotary organization.  I ran acrossed it on the Future of Education blog in a post called “Collective Impact.”  The premise of the presentation lines up with the concepts outlined in the 2020 Forcast and the development of networked learning grids that provide students with many learning opportunities within the greater community.  It’s a fascinating take on how public education may be on the move out of brick and mortar buildings and into the communities we serve… 

This concept or premise also fits beautifully with “Sophia,” a web based product that is currently in beta form but soon to be released publicly.  I attended an MPR discussion session this week that will be broadcast at 9am on Monday about the product, and I’m excited about how it might unfold in the months ahead.  Sophia is really based upon a wikipedia like structure and includes groups, tags, and the networking structures that will allow it to expand and improve with input from every user – student, teacher, parent, community member, etc…  Some local MN teachers are currently using to help differentiate instruction and to improve the quality of the precious time they have with students each day.  So…

Are we ready for this in our community?  How do we begin establishing the learning grids and the infrastructure for our students and educators?  How do we make Jeff Edmonson’s dream come true?  I’m game – are you?


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