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March 23, 2011


15 Leadership Steps for Principals

by Chris Lindholm

A colleague of mine mentioned that she was pulling a 2003 ASCD book off of the shelf to review and I took up the offer to join her.  Leadership Capacity for Lasting School Improvement by Linda Lambert is a quick read packed with great vignettes and tangible steps for principals.  On page 52 she shares “15 Leadership Capacity Action Steps for Principals.”

  1. Know yourself – clarify your values
  2. Extend your understandings to school and staff
  3. Assess the leadership capacity of your school
  4. Vow to work from the school’s current condition and walk side-by-side with other staff
  5. Build trust through honesty, respect, and follow-through
  6. Develop community norms
  7. Establish decision-making rules
  8. Create a shared vision
  9. Develop leadership capacity in others, including theories about leadership
  10. Establish a leadership team as a design team
  11. Convene and sustain regular in-depth conversations
  12. Establish a cycle of inquiry
  13. Develop goals and plans for action
  14. Engage in communication processes designed to develop trust, relationships, and leadership; provoke quality performance; and implement community decisions
  15. Develop a reciprocal relationship with district personnel

Thoughts on this list??

Read more from ISD 191, Leadership
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  1. Mar 25 2011

    How about taking care of yourself and dressing well. You need to make a good appearance if you want to be taken seriously. Pay attention to diet and exercise. You can get good exercise by just walking around your building a lot and staying out of your office. Tell office staff to forward all calls to your cellphone so you can also be available to parents and don’t have to play phone tag. Also, make as many home visits as you can.

  2. Mar 26 2011

    Thanks for this Douglas. No doubt, an unhealthy principal isn’t an effective principal. We have to model taking care of our own wellness knowing when to say “no” and how to value family and self time first. Points well taken!


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