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January 28, 2014

Rick Wormeli on Standards-Based Grading

by Chris Lindholm

Fair Isn't Always EqualThis is the third post in a series of short YouTube videos by Rick Wormeli, author of the book Fair Isn’t Always Equal.  It begins to dig into the core of Rick’s work on differentiation and standards based instruction.  Do you average your students’ grades?  Warning: Rick calls that out as wrong practice in this video.  His argument is well supported by other differentiation and grading experts such as Guskey and Tomlinson.  So what to do to grade student work?  Don’t worry – Rick has solutions too in his book.  Just keep listening, thinking, asking,  debating, and reading.  After all, it makes sense in sports or an orchestra.  We simply don’t learn at the same pace and it really is performance against the standard that matters…  So how do we enter that in a grade book? 

Topic #3:

Standards-Based Grading?



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