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“You must unlearn what you have learned.”  Master Yoda shares counter intuitive wisdom to those of us in education who value the wisdom of the past (yes… I’m a recovering history teacher…).  Indeed I would and will often argue that our journey has taught us a great deal, and I don’t think Master Yoda would disagree.  In context, this quote is pointed directly at a struggling young Jedi with the future of the universe on his shoulders.  To succeed in the ultimate battle, Luke was being told to unlearn his fears and bad habits – and to learn anew, authentic confidence and discipline.  This is a lesson we educators would be wise to heed.   Read more »


Teaching History in a Time of Change – Revisited

Great reflective thoughts by a very bright superintendent colleague and a fellow history teacher. Chris Kennedy is a progressive leader in Canada who demonstrates communication abilities I can only hope to achieve. So what 10 things can you apply to your classroom or school?


Despite the speed at which our system and profession is changing, some aspects haven’t changed at all. I do think there have been major shifts over the last several years in West Vancouver, particularly with the proliferation of digital access and commitment to inquiry, among other factors.

Listening to Will Richardson at Computer Using Educators of British Columbia(CUEBC) during the last couple of weeks had me thinking and revisiting some of my early blog posts. Will has been someone I have been learning from for more than a decade. Before the Culture of Yes, I was blogging as a school principal in Coquitlam and also teaching AP European History. One of the early pieces I wrote (early fall 2006) was Teaching History in a Time of Change and reprinted below:

Teaching History in a Time of Change by title alone implies that there may be a time of stability around the corner. There isn’t.  And it is…

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