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November 30, 2014


by Chris Lindholm


“You must unlearn what you have learned.”  Master Yoda shares counter intuitive wisdom to those of us in education who value the wisdom of the past (yes… I’m a recovering history teacher…).  Indeed I would and will often argue that our journey has taught us a great deal, and I don’t think Master Yoda would disagree.  In context, this quote is pointed directly at a struggling young Jedi with the future of the universe on his shoulders.  To succeed in the ultimate battle, Luke was being told to unlearn his fears and bad habits – and to learn anew, authentic confidence and discipline.  This is a lesson we educators would be wise to heed.  

While I don’t have the force, I do have the internet and a lively and robust Professional Learning Community that consistently challenge me to reframe the future of education and how to lead into it.  I am grateful for my PLN and all the wisdom they send my way everyday on Twitter, blog feeds, and email subscriptions.  One of my “old reliables” to challenge my vision of the future of education is Knowledge Works and their 2020 Forecast that has been updated to the 2025 Forecast!!  It is there that I was introduced to the “Eduvator” and the “Learning Agent.”  These are new or revamped roles in the education system, and I’m challenged as a superintendent to consider how they should play out in our region and in our district.  My questions to other education leaders are – How are you making this happen in your district?  What advice would you offer me?  What mistakes have you made and what successes have you experienced?

Great days are here and are ahead in the Pequot Lakes School District and forward thinking is truly happening in the now.  Let’s embrace “unlearning” as Master Yoda instructs and dive into the risks of innovation and inspiration!!

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