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Slowing down to speed up: The importance of mindfulness

Here is a great post by my ISD 191 colleague Joe Gothard on Mindfulness. One of my favorite quotes is “go slow to go fast.”

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How important is it to be mindful about our thoughts and actions? Rash decisions are usually bad decisions, and the mistakes we make could usually be avoided by simply pausing so we can be aware of what’s going on with our minds and our bodies. That’s why catchy advice like “go slow to go fast” and “measure twice, cut once” resonates with us.

Instinctively, I think, we know these things. But knowing it and being good at it are two different things. The truth is that being mindful takes practice. It’s a skill we learn and one that we can start learning from a very young age.

A study in Madison, Wis., schools recently showed that young students who practiced mindfulness with help from their teachers experienced some tremendous benefits. By taking part in activities like focusing on breathing, calming exercises and others, students showed more positive social and emotional…

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