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Information Overload?

As we step up our push in @ISD191 to integrate more technology in our classrooms and organizational work, we are certain to experience push back from those who are overwhelmed by the language of technology.  For those who don’t speak or understand the language, learning to use new tools and ways of doing our work demands a great deal of effort.  The struggle of managing the constant flow of information and ongoing dialogues while also trying to be tightly focused on my core work – not to mention trying to be a good husband and father of two young kids – is a very real wrestling match for me.  Some days I feel like our new reality is a lot like the what is portrayed in the humorous video commercial below from Xerox shared in a slide share presentation by TDOttowa on 21st century leadership. Read more »


Public Schools, Democracy at Work

If you are an educator who has spent a few sleepless nights wondering why you were called into this difficult work (isn’t that all of us?) and you haven’t read some of Parker Palmer’s work, adding a couple of his books to your 2012 reading list is a must.  I was first introduced to Palmer through his best seller The Courage to Teach and have been blessed to hear him speak and facilitate rich conversation at his almamater, Carleton College here in Northfield, MN.  Palmer reaches beyond our routine conversations around pedagogy, policy or content and dives deeply into the teacher heart and soul.  His writing puts words to the deep feelings of tension and paradox that encompass our work each day, and he paints a refreshing picture of hope and understanding cultivating a deep sense of courage and purpose.  Years ago he launched The Center for Courage & Renewal to further the impact of his work and has continued to be a grass roots activist on behalf of our work and our country. Read more »