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Walking My Talk

Photo by Preserved Light Photography

I’m diving in and taking our high school principal and 3 board members with me.  It’s certainly not a combat mission, but carving out the time to do it feels that way some days.  We are committing to a year-long learning journey focused on the “Core Essentials of Leadership” in hopes of serving the Pequot Lakes Schools community more effectively.  I’m grateful to have partner “Lead Learners” as we challenge ourselves to engage in learning in the same manner we expect all staff to do.   Read more


What are Instructional Rounds?

TN-Protocol-200x183Today was an exciting and challenging day full of great learning work in #ISD186.  Six of our teacher leaders opened their classroom doors to a team of colleagues and administrators so we could take a deep dive into the Marzano Instructional Framework.  Using just 1 of the 61 elements in the framework, our learning was focused on what to look for, how to ask good coaching questions, and how to facilitate peer observations in a safe and trust-building manner.  The learning discussions were rich and the willingness of the team to take risks and dive into learning together was admirable.   Read more »


“Vulnerability is the Birthplace of Innovation and Change”

Thanks to @DCheesebrow I ran across this powerful Ted Talks video presented by Brene Brown titled “Listening to Shame.”  Shame isn’t a frequently mentioned topic in discussions around leadership, however the picture she paints of this “epidemic” seems to breath deeply into the work of leading in the public sector.  Effectively leading with noticeable authenticity demands a character rooted in vulnerability – the “birthplace of innovation and change.”  One must address shame to be vulnerable.  Whether we can and/or will admit and talk about it, this message hits mighty close to home for all of us…



How do you hold yourself accountable to addressing shame and leading with authentic vulnerability?