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Augmented Reality 101

No doubt we’ve all heard the hype about augmented reality technology, but some of us are slower than others at connecting the dots and recognizing how new concepts might impact our future.  This very brief video produced by Common Craft explains augmented reality and helps some of us slower folks understand how it might be something to pay attention to.  It certainly raises questions about web presence and how to ensure the “augmented” part of our future reality is presented to others in a positive light.   Read more »


More committed than ever!

“These highly effective superintendents avoided initiative fatigue by stipulating that building the capacity of staff to function as professional learning communities was not one of many strategies for improving student achievement but instead represented the district strategy for accomplishing that goal” (Learning By Doing, pg. 209).  The message was repeated over and over again at the Solution Tree PLC Conference in Minneapolis, MN this past week.  Read more »