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“Vulnerability is the Birthplace of Innovation and Change”

Thanks to @DCheesebrow I ran across this powerful Ted Talks video presented by Brene Brown titled “Listening to Shame.”  Shame isn’t a frequently mentioned topic in discussions around leadership, however the picture she paints of this “epidemic” seems to breath deeply into the work of leading in the public sector.  Effectively leading with noticeable authenticity demands a character rooted in vulnerability – the “birthplace of innovation and change.”  One must address shame to be vulnerable.  Whether we can and/or will admit and talk about it, this message hits mighty close to home for all of us…



How do you hold yourself accountable to addressing shame and leading with authentic vulnerability?




Introversion in Our Classrooms?

This Ted Talk video strikes close to home for a guy serving the public as a leader in public education.  How many of our students fall victim to this kind of bias in our schools and our economy?  How might we intentionally value the strengths that introverted students, staff, and community members bring to our work each day?

Thanks to Susan Cain for sharing her wisdom in her newest release: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.